Fishing for TREVALLY


It is the main fish of the islands. Many people come to the Bijagos to witness these violent predators lunging at their poppers.

After several lean years, the amazing trevally frenzies are back, and most pleasing is the revival in the popularity of hunting zones, rocky outcrops or reefs.


Fishing sessions are magical and leave a lasting impression. It is “THE” surface fishing, casting of lures, poppers or stickbaits region par excellence. The visual element is key: the choice of fishing spot, the visual follow-up of the lure and the violent attack that ensues, followed by a fight of rare intensity.


The weight/power ratio of this fish provides intense sensations.


They are fished offshore most of the time along sandbanks but also in the rocky zones at a specific time where the biggest ones lurk … or on some wrecks that are not very popular with the fishing crowd or else, the wild horde can explode on the surface in an attempt to gulp down the poor lure that has just been cast.    

It is best to cast with an intermediate rod (80 to 150 gr), not too long to handle on a boat (2.40/2.70 m), reasonably powerful (50 lb) to restrain some beautiful fish around the wrecks but light enough to handle for more fun, intermediate poppers (12/15 cm) or flappers. Stickbaits are also great for discretion.