ACUNDA Fishing Centre BIJAGOS Archipelago Guinea-Bissau


ACUNDA is a small islet situated off the west coast of the Bijagos Archipelago, on a virtually untouched fishing ground surrounded by reefs, wrecks, ridges and sandbanks.

It is probably one of the most beautiful playgrounds for sport anglers in the world. Here, one can catch an infinite variety of sport fish using all known fishing techniques from the shore or from a boat

4 new (2019) 25’ centre console boats, inspired by U.S. fishing, but in fact designed, built and equipped specifically for the destination: a shallow draught for sandbanks and for avoiding rocks, excellent stability for casting, large livewells, equipped with 4-stroke Yamaha motors and state-of-the-art electronics, 600-watt Chirp sounders, GPS colour chart plotters, 25-watt VHF radios…
• 1 x 30’ catamaran powered by a powerful motor for transfers.
1 x 40’ catamaran with cabin for 2/3/4-day expeditions – and prospecting – with their share of surprises offshore.

The skippers are simply incredible, pros, real ones at that, but above all passionate. They do not do this job just for the sake of it, they never want to go home: if there is no fish, they persist and if there are fish, there’s no going back… In alphabetical order, Ass, Issa, Matar, Nato; 80 years of exotic fishing between the four of them, they deal in tonnes… Other fishing guides are known to make occasional stops: Anthony Guennec has been coming here in January and February for 20 years now, Julien Derozier comes for a small annual pilgrimage, especially for offshore …, Jean Robin Dubouchet spends a month here, and Mickael Martin has been a guide for the opening of the season for the past 3 seasons.


The camp can accommodate up to a maximum of 16 anglers and can be “privatised” for a group of 10, on request. It features 8 rooms including 6 on the waterfront where it is not uncommon for a trevally feeding frenzy to prevent one from taking a nap.

The islet is private and there are areas dedicated to relaxation, outdoor lounges and a small secluded beach for accompanying persons, a bocce ball court and a restaurant where succulent fish with infinite flavours are served daily.

360° waterfront…

Note that WiFi is available … as well as free transfers to deserted beaches and visits to villages on the neighbouring island.

From Paris or any big city of France/Casa or Lisbon to Bissau (Royal air Maroc or TAP) followed by 30 min by minibus, 2h30 by boat and you will find yourself, veritably, at the other end of the world.