Fishing for TARPON


WALIDOR in Wolof, PEIXE ESCAMA in Guinea…


The biggest tarpon in the world have been and are still caught on the West African coast, in Sierra Leone – where they are unfortunately consumed and have been almost exterminated – and in the Bijagos (All tackle world record). In light of this fact, we regularly catch very big specimens; a large number of fish weighing 100 kg and more are caught every year in Acunda.


Here, we fish them while anchored, on rocky ledges, specific zones with ultra-precise anchorage, live or dead bait attached to the hook, mostly mullet bought from local anglers. The bait is kept close to the surface with the help of a float or a small balloon. There might also be some small technique variations depending on the conditions on site; the more courageous of fishermen are often rewarded by catching some when casting.


A good and powerful rod, a solid rig (the leader and hooks can sometimes make all the difference), a well-adjusted drag and a small dose of patience. Of course, knowledge of the area and the precise meal time (within 30 minutes!) of these “big scale” specimens is key to success.


At the end of the day, one is left with indelible memories that will be cherished forever…


The fight that ensues can last: 20 min for 40 kg, 40 min for 80 kg, 1h30 for 90/100 kg and “we are not sure about the others”, as once mentioned by Michel Delaunay, tarpon expert.