Fishing for GROUPER


In the islands there are relatively few of them and in fact it feeds at night most of the time, with a preference for scented bait rather than lure vibrations.


One can distinguish between three main species:

- the white grouper called thiof, excellent to eat and which usually weighs between 1 and 2 kg in the islands although much bigger specimens are negotiated in the open waters (6/10 kg).

- the golden grouper, a kind of dusky grouper weighing between 4 and 8 kg.

- the banded grouper, same as in the Mediterranean, of 10 to 25 kg


It is a fish that is hard or nearly impossible to find inside the archipelago (small ones only) but found in abundance on the outskirts. It is during our offshore expeditions that we get to catch them on jigs, preferably short (150/250 gr), worked along the bottom 2/3 times before being whipped up using jerky gestures for several metres and boom! The big specimens (15/20 kg) need to be restrained from going back down into a hole (totally understandable … when considering the skewer that awaits them).