Fishing for COBIA


Not easy to find on our small planet … yet the cobia abounds in Acunda, which is not the case for the other islands of the Bijagos or even the rest of the West African coast where this fish remains a rare catch.


The wrecks that they like probably have something to do with it, but more than that, it is in all respects a Cobia Zone. An angler can sometimes catch up to 10 in a day even if twenty years of fishing trips did not yield any…


A curious species, they often swim close to the boat in small groups (or a single big individual…). If one is attentive enough, they can be caught with a live bait dropped under their nose, but also with small poppers worked in slow motion.


A jig, preferably a bucktail, when worked carefully along the bottom can reward one with nice surprises. Fly anglers can also try their luck, often with success (for a strike … the rest is another story).


Even if they are here all season long, the best time is during their migration in February/March.


There are, of course, some “tricks” developed, tested, and to experience first-hand on the spot…


The fight can last long with these fish that can go up to 30 or even 40 kg. The fish dives before surfacing with the biggest ones even leaping out of the water at times.