Fishing for BARRACUDA


This fish species is notorious, in fact, it is more a matter of physical appearance than of character.

It is particularly fond of Rapala’s of all kinds and tends to attack everything that crosses IT’S preferred territory in mid-waters.


In any event, when caught by trolling, strangely enough, it does not put up much of a fight and is pulled up almost too easily, unless one opts for a small 20 lb rig.


It is not the same when it is caught in deep or open waters on bait or even when casting. When this happens, you will be rewarded with nice darting runs. It is known to snap the line 4 times out of 5! One must fish with a wire leader but only when specifically targeting the barracuda as this same leader will prevent strikes from red snappers and other cobia.


An experience that never fails to impress with very big fish caught regularly!