Fishing for AMBERJACK


The greater amberjack, sometimes – wrongly – called leerfish, is highly sought after for its fighting abilities. It is not found in the islands but a large number of rather extraordinary virgin spots exist offshore.


It is the king of fish for “jigging anglers”. These amberjacks can chase down a jig vertically from 100 m depth all the way to the boat in order to gulp it down before following the same path in the opposite direction with you holding on as best as you can to the rod.


Landing an amberjack is a rather extraordinary experience in terms of sensations; the strike, the powerful darting run that ensues, the fight that sometimes makes an angler regret having hooked one…


Of course, there are many moments when one must jig devotedly (60 to 120 m…). Fortunately, huge porgy (at least 4 to 8 kg), golden groupers and not to mention gorgeous groupers, seriously liven up the trip.


Offshore it is not uncommon to get strikes from marlin and land a few mahi-mahi when casting between spots.